Gulani Vision Difference

Patients from all over the world have exclaimed their awe not only at their superlative vision outcomes but also the personal touch with Dr. Gulani and have fondly called this the “Gulani Vision” Experience or the “Gulani Vision” Difference!

Personally greeted and cared for by one of the world’s most sought after and reputed eye surgeons who is so dedicatedly involved in their planning, surgery and care is indeed an experience of a lifetime.

This difference can be summarized briefly into:


  • Credentials: World renowned Lasik Laser Eye Surgeon, Arun C. Gulani, M.D., M.S. is American Board Certified and was listed in FORBES among Top Ten Laser Eye Surgeons in the USA. Former Chief of Lasik and Cornea and Asst prof at University of Florida, he is Founding Director and Chief Surgeon of Gulani Vision Institute.
  • Ability: Full range of Lasik & Laser Vision surgeries including combinations and complicationcorrection.
  • Reputation: Teacher, Innovator, Author and Industry consultant for Lasik Laser Vision Surgeries Worldwide


  • Surgical: Access to every Lasik technology & uses VISX Star S4 Laser with Iris Tracker
  • Diagnostic: PENTACAM, Marco OPD III, Optec 6500, Automated RS
  • Evaluative: Post Laser Surgery outcome measurement and optical correlate

Customer Service:

  • Dr.Gulani all the way: Initial consult, preop, surgery and post op visits with Dr. Gulani himself.
  • Personal Touch: GVI Staff & Dr.Gulani involved in your entire care, surgery & follow up
  • Access: You & your family anywhere in the world can access Dr.Gulani (You have his cell)

With such a “No-Nonsense” “No –Hype” approach to medicine and business, Dr. Gulani has raised the bar in vision and patient expectations keeping safety and integrity in mind.

SEE Clearly with “Gulani Vision”

As Dr. Gulani educates both, patients and eye surgeons worldwide, he stresses on the importance of seeing clearly on two levels:

1. For Lasik Eye Surgeons to safely strive for vision beyond 20/20 in every patient.

2. For patients, to research your Surgeon and SEE clearly thru the advertising maze.

Vision potential in humans surely can be reached beyond 20/20 in many cases. In fact, with many patients of Dr. Gulani seeing 20/15 (one line better than 20/20) and 20/10(Two lines better than 20/20), not only do they see clear but also have encouraged Dr. Gulani to launch a slogan for eye surgeons worldwide: “ 20 /10 Vision in the year 2010” “See Clear in Jax” has a new meaning. Having turned Jacksonville (Jax) into a Vision Destination for the world, Dr. Gulani continues to raise the bar in eye surgery both in patient care and surgeon training. The real basis of customized surgery is in selecting the best surgery for each individual eye and then tailoring the technique for a customized vision outcome.

The limitation to this is that in most cases, Lasik surgeons know of only one or two techniques and hence the patient is not given much choice for their best surgery.

Dr. Gulani teaches Lasik surgeons the entire spectrum of vision surgery and reiterates to them to approach each eye like a camera and fix it’s optical elements for the best vision potential that patient may have. Everyday people are turned away from Lasik eye surgery; be it they have too thin corneas, cataracts, large pupils…the list is endless. This means every day people give up hope that they can receive the vision that they want without the aid of glasses. However, Dr Gulani, as defined in FORBES by Goldline Research as one of the United States leading laser eye surgeons, offers the possibility that all is not lost.

Undoubtedly, Lasik eye surgery is one of the leading forms of eye surgery for those seeking sight without glasses and contact lenses, however, there are many criteria one
must fit into before being eligible for this type of surgery. What Dr Gulani tries to emphasize is that there are nearly forty more surgeries and combinations available andthe likelihood is that at least one of them or a unique combination will be suitable for your eyes.

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About Dr. Gulani

Dr. Gulani is a world renowned eye surgeon and Pinguecula Treatment specialist. Former Chief of the Cornea service and Asst. Professor at University of Florida, School of Medicine; he is Founding Director of the Gulani Vision Institute.

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